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Christmas PJs

     Hello Blossom Blanks customers!  We hope you LOVE our Christmas pjs this year.  Here are all the details you need to know--
       (1)  There are NO MINIMUMS.  We do not set minimums on any of our products.
       (2)  ONLY WHOLESALE CUSTOMERS order at wholesale prices.  You must be a registered wholesale customer to receive wholesale prices.  We do offer the pjs at retail prices for customers that do not have a sales tax id.
       (3)  COLORS-- This year we added a red and black buffalo check. The adult buffalo check pant is paired with a red long sleeve tee, just like the children's tees.  We also have the gray and white and multi plaid pjs.  The children's shirts are red with a 1/2 inch neckline.  All the children's pjs are sold as sets.  The doll pjs are available in the gray dot, multi plaid and buffalo check.  The doll pants are patterned and the shirts are red.  The baby gowns are available in all patterns to match big brother/sister.  The adult pjs are sold as sets or separates and available in all patterns.
       (4)  SIZING--  The children's pjs are 6M-10Y.  THEY ARE MEANT TO BE WORN SNUG!!  The baby gown is one size (3M).  The adult pjs are XS-1X and the doll pj fits an 18 inch doll.  Size charts are on our website and you can copy and paste them for your customers.  


       (5)  ORDERING--  The pjs are available for PRE-ORDER NOW THROUGH SEPTEMBER 1.  They will ship in NOVEMBER.  We will order some extra pjs but we can not guarantee anything but pre-orders.    We have a large manufacturing company that can accommodate and deliver large orders, so there are no issues with quantity to meet demand or delivery. 

        (6)  ONLY ORDER  PJS ON PRE-ORDERS--  When ordering, please only order pjs on the pre-order.  Do not combine pjs with other products.  Pjs should be on a separate order. 

       (7)  PRICING--  All pricing information is on the website.  THE PRE-ORDER PRICE WILL ONLY BE AVAILABLE THROUGH SEPTEMBER 1.  If there is another pre-order, the price will increase and be more than this initial price. 

       (8)  MATERIALS--  All our pjs are the same 100% organic cotton as our regular blanks.  That are very soft and comfortable.  There is not any spandex in them.  The children's pjs are SNUG FITTING and the adults are LOOSE FITTING. 

       (9)  FABRIC is sold in 1/4 yard increments.  We will only order what is pre-sold.  We encourage you to pre-order fabric for your embellishing.  WE DO NOT INCLUDE A FABRIC SQUARE IN YOUR ORDER. 

      (10)  PICTURES--  You can use any of our pictures to market the pjs for your business.


     We hope you have a successful pre-order.  Let us know if we can help you!





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